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On Tuesday morning, three minors were injured in a shooting at an elementary school in Vantaa, located to the north of Helsinki. The police announced on their website that they had arrested a suspect, who is also a minor, in connection with the incident. According to the police, all individuals involved in the shooting were minors and three injuries were reported. The police arrived at the scene at 9:08 local time (06:08 GMT) to investigate further.

Unfortunately, the article then transitions into a series of unrelated content and links, including information about refurbished iPhones, creative photography, job profiles, and online gambling. It appears to be a collection of random snippets of content that do not relate to the initial news about the shooting incident at the elementary school in Vantaa.

It seems that there may have been a mistake in the transition between the news article about the shooting incident and the unrelated content that follows. The mention of the shooting and the arrest of a suspect should have been followed by more information related to that incident, rather than a mix of random links and profiles. This error may have caused confusion for readers looking for further details about the shooting at the elementary school in Vantaa.

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