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A fisherman from Gornji Stupnik, Dražen Trdak, caught a massive 60 kg catfish at Lake Vrana yesterday. Measuring two meters long, the impressive catch was shared on the social media pages of the Vrana Lake Nature Park.

Trdak’s successful fishing trip was described in detail on Facebook, with many people expressing admiration for his achievement. The battle with the catfish lasted for an hour and a half, but Trdak emerged victorious thanks to his specific equipment used, including a small babushka as bait, a 3.9 m Governor rod, a 3.75 lb line, and an Okuma reel.

The post also mentioned how lucky Trdak was on the day of the catch. Many people were excited to see photos of Trdak and his impressive catch showcasing the natural beauty of Lake Vrana. The attention generated by the impressive catch drew many people to the lake and encouraged more fishing trips in the area.

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