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A resident of Sitni Gornji recounted a harrowing incident involving a school minibus that landed in their yard with five children inside. The driver managed to get the children out unharmed, and they were taken to a hospital in Split with only minor injuries. The residents expressed their outrage at the authorities’ negligence in maintaining the roads and ensuring they are safe for traffic.

They claimed that the accident could have been prevented if proper safety measures had been in place, such as a fence or bumper on the road. The resident also sympathized with the driver, who was also injured in the accident, and acknowledged that poor weather conditions, including rain, contributed to the incident.

The lack of attention given by the authorities to the community was highlighted as another factor contributing to this accident. A local resident described the road as “really ugly,” expressing frustration and disbelief at how little consideration is given to their community’s safety needs.

Despite being shaken by the traumatic experience, residents expressed gratitude that everyone involved escaped without serious injuries. They hope that this incident will serve as a reminder for authorities to take action and prioritize public safety on Sitni Gornji’s roads.

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