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The recent decision by the board of OpenAI to dismiss co-founder Sam Altman has caused significant unrest and frustration within the company. Over 500 of the 770 employees at OpenAI have expressed their intention to leave if the board does not resign, with many citing dissatisfaction and criticism of the decision.

Among those expressing their discontent were Ilya Sutskever, the company’s chief scientist, and Mira Murati, a top executive who declined an offer to replace Altman as CEO. The employees are considering a move to Microsoft, which has assured them that there are positions available within a new subsidiary if they decide to leave OpenAI.

However, media reports indicate that the board is reconsidering Altman’s dismissal due to pressure from investors and the threat of mass resignations. New CEO Emmett Shear has been tasked with reorganizing leadership teams and addressing key concerns at OpenAI amidst ongoing turmoil.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced that Sam Altman will be joining its team as a technical advisor, raising questions about the future of its alliance with OpenAI. While CEO Sattya Nadella has confirmed Altman’s new role at the company and expressed commitment to their partnership with OpenAI, uncertainty remains within the tech industry about what this means for both companies in terms of leadership and innovation.

Altman’s departure from OpenAI has brought significant changes to both the company and industry as a whole. Employees considering a move to Microsoft reflect the turbulence and uncertainty currently existing within OpenAI. While there is no certainty about what lies ahead for either company or its partnership with Microsoft, there is also potential for new opportunities and growth in this rapidly evolving field.

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