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In recent years, healthcare costs have been steadily rising, with prices often exceeding the space available on billing forms. Medicare, in particular, has faced this issue as it struggles to accommodate the high prices being charged by providers. In response to this challenge, CMS recently announced that it would be updating its claims processing system to allow for prices close to $100 million.

The Fiscal Intermediary Shared System, which processes claims for hospital and doctor office charges, will be updated to increase its capacity. This update is necessary in order for Medicare to handle larger price tags and ensure that providers can accurately bill for their services. By expanding the capacity of the claims processing system, Medicare is taking a proactive approach to addressing the challenges posed by increasing healthcare costs.

With these changes in place, providers will now have the tools they need to accurately bill for their services to Medicare patients. This update will also help prevent any errors or delays in processing claims, which can be costly and time-consuming for both providers and patients alike. Overall, this update is a critical step in ensuring that Medicare can continue to provide quality care while also addressing the financial challenges facing the healthcare industry in the United States.

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