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The ongoing heat issue at Irvington Lofts has prompted the Marion County Health Department to take legal action against the property. For years, residents have been dealing with inadequate heating and cooling systems, which has led to concerns about fire danger due to the use of space heaters. Currently, the heating and cooling system is being replaced for around $250,000 per building, with the South building expected to be repaired by November 30th.

However, residents affected by the power outage that occurred two weeks ago were eventually provided with hotels and received a $300 discount on their November rent. Those dealing with the heat outage, on the other hand, have not been provided with any reimbursement. Fran Quigley of the Health and Human Rights Clinic at Indiana University McKinney School of Law suggests that resident rights are being violated and they should take action by reaching out to the Marion County Health Department and contacting Indiana Legal Services for assistance.

According to records from the Marion County Health Department, it has issued 9 violations to Irvington Lofts so far this year, 7 of which are heat-related. Despite this, residents continue to voice their desire for a permanent solution to the recurring heating issues.

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