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In an email sent out on Sunday, Mara Hoffman announced that her eponymous label would take a 24-year hiatus, with the spring 2024 collection being the company’s last offering for the time being. After running her business for two decades, Hoffman felt it was time to take a step back and reset her vision and energy into other creative outlets.

The brand will sell its final collection and existing pieces until everything is sold out. Hoffman expressed immense gratitude for the experience of running her company for as long as she has, stating that it has been nothing short of extraordinary and has made her who she is today. She also mentioned her support for the tireless work being done by exceptional people in the space, particularly those advocating for change and a new direction.

Hoffman founded her label in 2000 after graduating from Parsons School of Design. With a focus on sustainable materials, processes, and production, she aimed to improve and extend the life of each garment. In 2023, Hoffman was awarded the CFDA Environmental Sustainability Award for her efforts in promoting sustainable fashion practices.

In her letter, Hoffman expressed the challenges of working within the sustainability movement in the fashion industry. She acknowledged that the industry’s structure is not built to prioritize the Earth and its inhabitants. However, Hoffman believes in the industry’s potential for positive change but chose to redirect her participation for now. She hopes that others will continue to push for innovation and progress in sustainability and ethical practices.

While Hoffman was not available for further comment at this time, her decision marks an important transition in her career path as she looks forward to embracing new opportunities that may come her way.

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