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In recognition of the invaluable contributions made by small businesses to the local economy and community, I, RENÉE FERRIS TURK, Mayor of the City of Salem, Commonwealth of Virginia, hereby proclaim November 25, 2023, as Small Business Saturday in the City of Salem.

The U.S. Small Business Administration states that small businesses represent 99.7% of firms with paid employees, responsible for 62.7% of net new jobs created since 1995, and employ 46.4% of employees in the private sector in the United States. Furthermore, every dollar spent at a small business creates an additional 48 cents in local business activity due to employees and local businesses purchasing local goods and services. Sixty-eight cents of every dollar spent at a small business in the United States stays in the local community.

Small Business Saturday has become an important day for consumers to show their support for locally-owned retailers and restaurants throughout the year. Seventy-two percent of consumers reported that Small Business Saturday 2022 made them want to shop and dine at small independently-owned retailers and restaurants all year long. As a city that values its diverse business community, Salem encourages residents to support small businesses on Small Business Saturday and throughout the year by shopping locally and choosing independent merchants over big box stores or online retailers.

In addition to supporting these vital members of our community, we also recognize the hard work and dedication required by small business owners to make their dreams a reality. We applaud their efforts to create jobs, boost the local economy, and preserve communities across our city and beyond. Advocacy groups as well as public and private organizations have endorsed Small Business Saturday as a way to promote local entrepreneurship while also driving economic growth for communities nationwide.

I urge all residents of our community and others across the country to join us in celebrating Small Business Saturday by shopping locally this November 25th

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