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On Monday night, three business owners in Nicholasville gathered to discuss how they could help those in need during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Jacob Warren, Chris Dedman, and Landon Marsh had come together to address the issue of food insecurity in their community.

Jacob Warren expressed his desire to help out those who might not have the resources to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal. He recognized that many people are facing financial struggles this year and wanted to do his part to make a difference. Chris Dedman shared his own personal experience of growing up with financial difficulties and knew firsthand how important it is to have support during tough times.

The trio came up with a plan to donate 150 turkeys to families in need of assistance for the holiday. Landon Marsh was inspired by his family’s tradition of giving back during Christmas and wanted to extend that spirit to Thanksgiving as well. He felt grateful for all he has been blessed with and wanted to give back and help others who might not be so lucky.

Carletta Johnson was one of the recipients of a turkey from the group’s efforts. She admitted that she is currently facing financial hardship and described being unemployed and waiting on Social Security. However, receiving a turkey would make her Thanksgiving much happier for herself and her family, bringing joy during an otherwise difficult time. Carletta emphasized the importance of being grateful for what one has and thanked the business owners for their generosity.

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