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LG Electronics North America Innovation Center and LG NOVA have recently launched Primefocus Health, a new venture that aims to develop a healthcare delivery platform for providers. This platform will utilize advanced technologies and therapies to facilitate remote patient monitoring, providing patients with access to new treatments through technology applications. It will also allow providers to collect patient data, communicate with patients, track progress, and intervene when necessary. The offering will integrate with electronic health record systems and incorporate AI and machine learning capabilities.

Darren Sabo, CEO of Primefocus Health, emphasizes the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to transform patient care at home. He believes that the goal is to create a future where healthcare is personalized, accessible, and effective for patients. The company has been strategically expanding its presence in the home healthcare space by using existing consumer electronics such as TVs, fridges, washing machines, and dryers to offer care services and improve health outcomes. Atul Singh, general manager of digital health at LG NOVA discussed the company’s vision of following patients into their homes to provide care. This initiative marks the first platform launched by LG Electronics North America Innovation Center and LG NOVA.

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