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In 2022, several countries such as Peru, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Chile experienced a significant increase in their avocado exports to the United States. Despite not reaching the same level as Mexico’s exports, they were slowly gaining market share in a $3 billion annual market. However, official US figures reveal that these countries failed to maintain their momentum in 2023 while Mexican exporters continued to grow at an accelerated pace.

Since the beginning of the last decade, when the avocado boom began, according to figures from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 90 percent of purchases of this fruit came from Mexico, leaving 10 percent to other countries with lower production. However, in 2022 Mexico’s hegemony was reduced to represent only 84 percent of the US market due to an acceleration of Latin American countries that increased their exports by reaching a 16 percent share.

Data from the organization indicates that in 2023 the United States imported a total of one million 261 thousand tons of avocado, with one million 124 thousand tons originating from Mexico and 137 thousand coming from Peru, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Chile. Additionally, three other countries – New Zealand with 17 thousand tons; Mongolia with only 4 thousand; and Jamaica with only 500 tons – sold insignificant amounts of avocados to the US in this year.

In terms of value, last year according to USDA data

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