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Kruidvat has announced that it will be replacing the iconic plastic cone used for scooped candy with a more sustainable paper version. The decision was made after it was discovered that 8 million plastic cones were being used annually, resulting in the production of 32,000 kilograms of plastic waste every year. This move is part of the store chain’s broader sustainability strategy and is designed to help reduce the use of plastic and the amount of litter in Belgium and the Netherlands.

According to Leendert van Bergeijk, sustainability manager at Kruidvat, this new step will greatly benefit both the environment and society. “By switching to a paper candy bag, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner planet,” he said. Additionally, this change will also make it easier for customers to dispose of their purchases properly without worrying about environmental harm.

The Wallonian branches of Kruidvat have already been using paper candy bags for some time now, but on Monday, they will switch to the latest version of the paper candy bag. Customers can expect a smoother scooping experience with this new packaging option while still enjoying their favorite sweets.

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