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Business leaders in Argentina are optimistic about the future of the country’s economy, thanks to the economic reforms implemented by President Javier Milei. They believe that these reforms will have a positive impact on employment rates and exports in the knowledge economy sector. A recent study by Argencon, a business organization, found that 80% of surveyed companies anticipate an increase in exports as a result of the government’s focus on liberalization policies. Half of the respondents even expect export growth to exceed 10%.

The study included 28 companies from the knowledge economy sector, with most respondents coming from information technology and professional services industries. In 2023, exports of knowledge-based services in Argentina reached US$8.06 billion, showing an annual increase of 8.8%. Looking ahead, many businesses are hopeful that demand for these services will continue to grow in Latin America, potentially surpassing global growth rates.

Despite these challenges, Argencon’s president, Sebastián Mocorrea, is optimistic about the future of the knowledge economy sector. He believes that removing foreign exchange restrictions, stabilizing exchange rates, simplifying regulations, and reforming labor markets will significantly enhance its competitiveness. This could lead to increased employment and exports in the coming years. According to a report from the first half of 2023

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