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King Charles has finally opened up about his cancer diagnosis, expressing his gratitude for the support he’s received from the public. In a statement issued by Buckingham Palace, the monarch thanked everyone for their messages of goodwill and encouragement, acknowledging that their kind thoughts have been a source of comfort during this difficult time.

The update comes nearly a week after the King’s cancer diagnosis was announced, following surgery to treat an enlarged prostate. Prior to the announcement, King Charles personally phoned his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, to share the news. While Prince Harry has not publicly addressed the matter, he did arrive in London the day after the announcement to meet with his father in person.

King Charles also took the opportunity to praise the tireless work of organizations that support cancer patients and their families. He expressed admiration for their dedication and care, which has grown as a result of his own personal experience with cancer. By sharing his own diagnosis, King Charles hopes to promote public understanding and shine a light on the important work that these organizations do.

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