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During the Digital Almaty 2024 forum, Kazakhstan signed several memorandums of understanding on exporting its government technology (GovTech) solutions to various countries. These IT solutions, such as Smart Bridge, the Unified Platform for Internet Resources of Government Agencies, and the Smart Data Ukimet information and analytical system, will now extend to the Kyrgyz Republic. In addition to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan also agreed on information and communication technology cooperation with Sierra Leone and Togo.

These ongoing GovTech export initiatives are a part of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s goal to bring the export of IT services to $1 billion by 2026. With this aim in mind, Kazakhstan is consistently changing its raw materials focus to high-tech sectors, allowing the country to tap into new markets.

Salima Mornorna Bah, Minister of Communication, Technology, and Innovation of Sierra Leone, highlighted Kazakhstan’s reputation as a “big open-source country” willing to share digital systems and platforms. She noted that the memorandum with Sierra Leone not only promises mutual benefits for both countries but also paves the way for private sector companies in Kazakhstan to explore opportunities in Africa.

In December 2023, some components of Kazakhstan’s e-government were exported to Tajikistan under a similar memorandum of cooperation. This move aligns with Kazakhstan’s efforts to diversify its exports and tap into new markets beyond traditional resources like oil and gas.

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