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The John Wood Community College Ag Science Complex has received a generous donation of $60,000 from Farm Credit Illinois President and CEO Aaron Johnsons for the purchase of new bleachers for their show room. This addition will greatly assist in setting up for livestock shows and reduce the amount of stress associated with the process. The bleachers will be able to accommodate up to 320 people, providing ample seating for attendees.

Farm Credit Illinois is committed to supporting farm families in the southern counties of Illinois, and this donation is a testament to their dedication. JWCC President Bryan Renfro expressed his gratitude for the community’s support, highlighting the care and concern shown by the people in the area. This funding will have a significant impact on the Ag Science Complex and its ability to host successful livestock shows and events.

The new bleachers will not only provide more seating but also improve the overall experience for attendees at livestock shows. With this addition, JWCC can continue to provide valuable education and resources to farm families in the region, helping them succeed in their agricultural endeavors.

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