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In Milan, the capital of fashion and design, Croatian design signed by Josipa Maras has won an award at the Archiproducts Design Awards for the third year in a row. This year’s winner is the Zitna polje wallpaper, which once again confirmed the dominance of Studio brand at the top of international design industry.

Josipa Maras, a visionary and artist who signs award-winning wallpaper designs, expressed pride in the Zitna polje winning the title for the most beautiful finish at the prestigious design competition in Milan. She emphasized that each wallpaper is carefully designed and painted by hand, using top-quality materials and production technology to stand out in a crowded market.

The success of Studio brand can be attributed to its personalized wallpapers that have started a new industry in the world of design. Last year, they put their entire production process under one roof and started Studio Boutique Factory, which unites all phases of wallpaper production from conceptual concept to production. This move has allowed them to streamline their processes and improve quality control measures.

Josipa Maras expressed gratitude for her team’s hard work and dedication towards achieving this success. She emphasized that pursuing dreams is not always easy but it is important not to be afraid of taking risks. She also highlighted that small countries like Croatia can make an impact in international design scene with innovation, aesthetics, and sustainability as key factors.

This three years of winning Archiproducts Design Awards serves as testament to Studio Design’s excellence in creating unique designs that have gained recognition from expert juries around the world. The awards are a reminder that creativity and passion are essential ingredients for success in any field, whether it be fashion or design.

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