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Jon Stewart has returned to “The Daily Show,” and he’s not holding back on his opinions about the two presidential candidates. During his first day back, he spent much of his monologue discussing President Joe Biden’s age and expressing skepticism about the praise he has received from allies. However, Stewart also outlined the many ways in which Biden differs from his opponent.

Stewart also had a lot to say about TikTok videos and press-conference gaffes, as well as the deeply unflattering special-counsel report that has called Biden’s memory into question. While some commentators may have interpreted Stewart’s comments as equating the aging president with his opponent, he made it clear in his monologue that there are specific ways in which Biden is not like Trump.

In addition, Stewart took a critical look at Trump, pointing out that his legal troubles are well-documented and numerous. He seemed to feel that as the stakes of the election are so high, it’s important to scrutinize both candidates even more heavily. Overall, Stewart’s return to “The Daily Show” was marked by sharp observations and a willingness to take on both candidates head-on.

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