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In a major shift for the agricultural sector in Argentina, president-elect Javier Milei has announced his government’s plans to support the industry through eliminating withholdings and intervening in the market. The move is expected to benefit the sector, which represents 70% of Argentina’s total exports.

Milei’s government is set to focus on shrinking the state and eliminating taxes in order to support agriculture, an industry that has been facing challenges in recent years. To oversee these policies, Milei has appointed Fernando Vilella, an academic and former dean of the UBA, along with other professionals from the agricultural sector.

Vilella presented a paper outlining the main policies needed for the agricultural sector to grow in production and become more sustainable based on the bioeconomy. This approach involves using renewable resources and focusing on sustainable practices to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing environmental impact.

The Argentine Rural Society and Argentine Rural Confederations have expressed their support for Milei’s government and his intentions to work together to make a radical change in current agricultural policies. They hope that by lowering and eliminating taxes, they will see growth in the country’s agricultural sector soon.

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