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The Jaguars had a strong comeback after a blowout in Week 10, defeating the Titans with a score of 34-14 in Week 11. With a record of 7-3, they maintained their lead in the AFC South heading into their next game in Houston. The team is hoping for another impressive run to match last year’s mid-November victory that led to winning the division, after which they won six of their last seven games.

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence played an important role in the Jaguars’ win, running for two touchdowns and throwing for two more. He also hit Calvin Ridley with both of his touchdown passes. Ridley had his most productive day in over a month with seven catches and 103 yards.

The Titans struggled to keep up with the Jaguars on Sunday, going 3-14 in their last seven games and having difficulty formulating a winning strategy for their upcoming matches. Their defense was riddled with penalties, making it difficult for them to maintain control of the game.

Despite turnovers and penalties, Sunday’s effort featured some highlights for the Titans. Head coach Doug Pederson will look forward to Week 12 with pride, knowing that his franchise quarterback played a big part in the Jaguars’ victory.

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