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Netanyahu’s Likud party has rejected Gantz’s demands to hold new elections in September. According to recent polls, the center-right National Union party led by Gantz is currently the strongest faction in Israel. However, if new elections were held and Gantz maintained his current popularity among voters, he could potentially become the next prime minister. The official date for the next parliamentary election in Israel is not until October 2026.

Despite calls for new elections, there are currently no immediate consequences for Gantz or Netanyahu. Gantz did not threaten to leave the war cabinet if Netanyahu did not comply with his demands. However, critics of Netanyahu accuse him of failing to take responsibility for allowing a Hamas massacre to occur on October 7th. Despite joining the war cabinet after the start of the Gaza war, Gantz is viewed as playing a moderating role within the government.

The political landscape in Israel remains contentious as debates continue over whether new elections should be held and who should lead them. Jair Lapid, Israel’s opposition leader, has also called for a replacement government to facilitate the return of hostages. The Likud party believes that an early election could paralyze the country, divide society and jeopardize efforts to secure the release of hostages.

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