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Top Israeli Organizations Spend Big on Social Media Promotion

According to a recent report by IDF Galei radio correspondent Shachar Glick, several Israeli organizations have spent large sums of money in the past three months to promote their campaigns on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram owned by Meta Corporation. The list is led by Epoch magazine, which spent almost 760 thousand shekels on its advertising efforts. In second place is the organization “Veterans of the Yom Kippur War for the Defense of Democracy,” which invested 658.5 thousand shekels in advertising.

The next three places go to protest groups Mihdal 23 (Failure 23) and Afkara (Left to Fate), which spent 325.5 thousand and 290.5 thousand shekels, respectively, on advertising efforts. The fifth place is occupied by the Movement for the Quality of Power, followed by “Titpater Akhshav” (“Resign”) and “Mate Maavak – Nilhamim al-Democracy” (Headquarters for the Struggle for Democracy), which spent 173 thousand and 164 thousand shekels, respectively. In eighth place is law firm Nir Birkiya, while behind it is the movement “Ibadeta et Ha-Tzafon” (“You have lost the north”), which spent 142 thousand shekels on its advertising efforts.

The top ten list includes Rami Greenberg, mayor of Petah Tikva, along with Memshala Mufkeret (Wasteful Government) and Ufkarna (We’re Left to Fate), as well as the Petah Tikva Municipality and Urban Renewal Authority, who also invested heavily in their advertising campaigns on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram owned by Meta Corporation.

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Overall, it’s clear that these organizations have been investing heavily in their social media campaigns over the past three months, with some spending almost a million shekels or more. This trend suggests that social media has become an important tool for political advocacy and public awareness in Israel today.

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