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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have discovered a strategy to defeat Hamas in Gaza City, which is the central command and logistical and organizational heart of the terrorist group. As a result, the IDF has implemented a siege on the city, dividing it into North Gaza and South Gaza. Their goal is to destroy Hamas completely.

The IDF is carrying out an unprecedented urban warfare operation to create various nuclei within the city and constantly raid Hamas’ tunnel and subway system. There is an emphasis on expediting the evacuation of civilians from the city, with more than two-thirds of Gaza City’s population already relocated to refugee camps in the South.

These events demonstrate that Hamas faces complete intelligence about their activities while their infrastructure is being systematically dismantled by the Defense Forces. The IDF’s objective is clear: destroy Hamas once and for all.

On another front, tensions between the United States and Iran are escalating after attacks on American bases in the region. The U.S. launched more than 30 missiles against units of Iranian Revolutionary Islamic Guard deployed in Syria and Iraq. However, these efforts were met with further attacks from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s regime, highlighting America’s geopolitical weakness in the region.

The Iranian regime knows that America is weak and continues to act aggressively, even launching its own nuclear missiles. This lack of leadership, charisma, and decisiveness from Washington has allowed Iran to become increasingly bold in its actions towards other nations in the region.

Despite these conflicts taking place across different regions of the world, one thing remains clear: Israel is executing a highly effective strategy to eliminate Hamas once and for all after experiencing a strategic defeat last October

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