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The 97th Glass-Technology Conference is set to take place from May 27 – 29 in Aachen, Germany. Organized by the German Society of Glass Technology (DGG), this conference brings together industry professionals, researchers, and students for knowledge exchange, networking, and exploring current developments and challenges within the glass sector.

The program of the conference will include a wide range of topics relevant to both scientific exploration and practical application of glass. With submissions from 20 countries, attendees will have access to a global perspective on the latest advancements and research in the field. Sessions will cover topics such as glass science and technology, including chemistry and structure of glasses, glass physics, properties, characterization, glass-ceramics and crystallization in glasses, sustainable practices in glass melting, forming and post-processing, glasses for better life and computational glass science and technology.

In addition to technical sessions, attendees can participate in poster sessions, excursions to explore local sites related to the glass industry, extended breaks for relaxation or further discussion with other attendees or speakers during the conference. There will also be social events organized aimed at fostering professional connections among attendees. To learn more about this exciting event please visit

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