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On Tuesday, VTT will test electric fuel made from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide for the first time in vehicle use. The fuel can be used to replace fossil diesel fuel in areas that are difficult to electrify, such as heavy road traffic and shipping. The project received EUR 3.3 million in funding from Business Finland, with additional investments increasing the funding to more than EUR six million.

In addition, Neste has refined hundreds of kilograms of synthetic hydrocarbons produced in the project into ready-to-use synthetic diesel. Now, this fuel is being tested in practical operation at the factory of Agco Power, which manufactures diesel engines. A tractor equipped with a diesel engine is refueled with electric fuel during the test drive, which lasts several hours. During the test drive, various emissions in the exhaust gases, among other things, are measured.

VTT’s project aims to get information about the usability of the fuel through a field test. The goal is to determine whether electric fuel can be used as a viable alternative to fossil fuels in certain applications. If successful, this could have significant implications for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable transportation.

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