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Grain Trade Australia (GTA) is leading discussions with key grain industry specialists in Sydney, Australia to establish a standard and supporting framework for the national adoption of digital image recognition technology for grain quality. The Australian grain industry recognizes the potential of this technology, which uses digital images to evaluate grain quality attributes and defects in grain samples, to enhance the speed, accuracy, and consistency of grain quality testing.

Current processes for some grain quality tests rely on visual examination or other methods that have not changed for many years. Having consistency in the various grain supply chains is important for all stakeholders and contributes to the smooth facilitation of trade. Digital image recognition technology has emerged as an innovative solution to overcome these challenges and provide more accurate and efficient testing methods.

However, there is currently no standard or implementation framework to support its acceptance and use across the grain industry. GTA is proposing an industry standard and supporting framework to enable the digital assessment and transformation of quality and phytosanitary components of the Australian grain testing and certification processes for both domestic and export grain. The proposed standard will allow both government and commercial companies to adopt a uniform system for assessing, approving, and maintaining emerging digital imagery grain assessment technology.

GTA was established in 1991 with the aim of formalizing commodity trading standards, developing trade rules, and standardizing contracts across the Australian grain industry. The organization plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient facilitation of commercial activities across the entire supply chain by promoting transparency, accountability, and risk management practices.

In conclusion, GTA’s efforts towards establishing a standard

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