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In the non-Olympic women’s 55kg category of the IWF World Cup 2024 held in Phuket, Thailand, Indian weightlifter Bindyarani Devi won a bronze medal. She recorded a total lift of 196kg (83kg snatch + 113kg clean and jerk), securing the third position in the standings. Although this effort was short of her silver medal-winning performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, where she lifted 203kg, it was still a remarkable achievement.

Kang Hyon Gyong from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea clinched the gold medal with a lift of 234kg, while Romania’s Mihaela Cambei took home the silver with a personal best of 201kg. Bindyarani had a rocky start in the snatch category, failing on her first attempt at 83kg but succeeding on her second try. However, she could not lift 86kg in her next attempt. Moving on to the clean and jerk segment, she successfully lifted 110kg and 113kg in her first two attempts but missed her final attempt at 119kg.

Despite missing out on gold, Bindyarani excelled in the clean and jerk category and earned a silver medal. She is currently ranked 29th in the Olympic Qualification Ranking for the women’s 59kg category, where the top ten ranked eligible lifters secure a quota for Paris Olympics. Mirabai Chanu who competed in women’s 49 kg category finished twelfth and is expected to secure an Olympic quota for India at Paris Olympics as she is currently ranked second overall.

India had only two athletes competing at IWF World Cup – Bindyarani Devi and Mirabai Chanu – showcasing their incredible talent and determination towards achieving success on an international stage. The event is set to conclude on April

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