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The eastern part of the city experienced a strong thunderstorm last night after 2 o’clock. Although I haven’t seen all the details yet, I believe this phenomenon can be linked to recent climate change. Branko Grisogono, a professor from Zagreb’s PMF, explains that things are becoming increasingly blurred in space and time.

The professor notes that the thunderstorm that shook Zagreb last night was typical for coastal regions, not for the continental part. He believes that climate change is responsible for this and explains that due to the excess energy in the climate system, intense weather events are happening more frequently and unexpectedly, and are becoming more intense.

Grisogono previously spoke about how one of the warmest winters awaits us so far and unfortunately, we can expect the development of intense weather events in the future. He concludes by saying that although our area is already several degrees warmer than before, we must take action to mitigate climate change and protect ourselves from its effects on our environment.

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