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The IMF team is currently holding meetings with Ukrainian officials and partners in Kyiv to discuss ongoing support. Led by Uma Ramakrishnan, Deputy Director of the IMF’s European Department, the discussions will focus on the economic policy objectives of the Ukrainian authorities and the challenges confronting their economy.

On February 13th, the IMF team will join an inaugural meeting of the Steering Committee of the Ukraine Capacity Building Fund, under IMF patronage. This gathering will bring together Ukrainian authorities, development partners, and IMF staff to discuss priorities for enhancing Ukraine’s capacity and the IMF’s support for this crucial task. In December 2023, Ukraine received the third tranche of funding worth about $900 million from the IMF under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) program.

In addition to this, an IMF mission led by Gavin Gray will begin discussions with Ukrainian authorities in Warsaw as part of the third review of the EFF program. As previously reported, the IMF disclosed that Ukraine would require funding in 2024. These discussions are critical for evaluating the economic situation in Ukraine and determining necessary support for the country. The support from the IMF plays an important role in helping Ukraine address its economic challenges and achieve its policy objectives. It also reflects ongoing cooperation and partnership between Ukraine and the IMF.

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