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In a recent speech at the Automotive Forum New York, José Muñoz, the president of Hyundai Motor Company, spoke about concerns regarding the brand’s retail strategy. Despite announcing a partnership with Amazon last November to sell vehicles online, Muñoz reassured franchise system advocates that dealers are still responsible for selling vehicles. The Amazon platform is an opt-in program, with a pilot project currently underway involving 20 dealers. Muñoz expects this program to expand in the second half of the year but acknowledged the complexities of selling vehicles online compared to other products on Amazon.

Muñoz emphasized the importance of consumers interacting with vehicles in person and highlighted Hyundai’s strong presence at auto shows around the world. He stressed that consumers need to be able to see and test drive cars firsthand before making a purchase decision. Auto shows provide opportunities for consumers to explore a wide range of vehicles, including electric ones. While Hyundai has focused on electric vehicles, Muñoz recognized that offering consumers a variety of choices is crucial. He stated that Hyundai will continue to provide options for traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, hybrids, and electric vehicles to meet the diverse needs and interests of consumers.

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