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A short announcement from the ACO President Pierre Fillon and FIA Endurance Commission President Richard Mille has confirmed that the future regulations for hydrogen-fuelled automobiles at the 24 Hours of Le Mans will now encompass Hydrogen combustion technologies as properly as retaining the selection for Hydrogen Fuel Cell tech.

The ACO have been at the forefront of a drive to introduce Hydrogen as a fuel supply in the sport given that 2018 and, given that then, there have been progressive methods in improvement with each other with their technologies partners on demonstration projects, while continuing dialogue with interested suppliers.

No information are however provided on interest from suppliers but current media reports in France appear to confirm that the re-current interest from Hyundai in fielding a fuel-cell powered vehicle in the coming years is nonetheless alive while sources close to Toyota have recommended to DSC that their existing technologies demonstrator racer utilising Hydrogen combustion marks the early stages of establishing that route towards much more capable race (and road going) machinery.

At present the line from the ACO is that they are, “in close collaboration with the FIA, operating towards the creation of a class for Hydrogen-powered prototypes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the subsequent couple of years.”

Their is continued improvement as well on MissionH24, a joint venture amongst the ACO and GreenGT, conducting study and improvement in locations such as security, overall performance and refuelling.

Pierre FillonPresident of the Automobile Club de l’OuestConsidering the fact that 2018, the hydrogen ecosystem has evolved enormously. We are mastering by carrying out. We are exploring possibilities. And that is specifically the objective we set ourselves 5 years ago when we launched MissionH24. The fuel cell was initially selected for its possible, which is nonetheless relevant. Currently, the hydrogen internal combustion engine is also presented as a possibility for suppliers. The 24 Hours of Le Mans regulations have usually advocated freedom and assortment. As such, we are officially announcing that each technologies, fuel cell and hydrogen internal combustion engine, will be accepted and authorised for suppliers wishing to enter the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the Hydrogen category. I would like to highlight the tremendous operate carried out by MissionH24, alongside the ACO and FIA. We are all conscious of the challenges facing the future of motorsport, and of the need to have to decarbonise mobility, and we are addressing them with each other.

Richard MilleFIA Endurance Commission PresidentHydrogen as a energy supply is however to be totally explored in motor sport. Having said that, provided the truth that it presents a assortment of solutions in terms of storage varieties and powertrains, it tends to make for a pretty intriguing prospect. Implementing sustainable energy sources across motorsport competitors is a single of the essential targets of the FIA and component of our extended-term roadmap. The essential is to address the finest options for distinct motorsport disciplines. Offered the nature of endurance racing, hydrogen is a single of the most appropriate solutions, as a result the FIA totally supports the ACO’s MissionH24 project. We are operating with them, sharing our know-how and experience, to introduce a new energy supply to endurance racing.

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