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  • How to turn nearly invisible on WhatsApp
  • Here’s how you can use WhatsApp like a ninja: Privacy tricks to dodge exes, bosses, and stalkers.

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    WhatsApp is good for staying in touch with your good friends and loved ones, but it can also be turned not-so-good for exes, bosses, or stalkers attempting to keep in touch with you. If you want to keep away from awkward conversations, undesirable messages, or creepy comments, you require to find out how to use the app’s privacy attributes.

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    In this report, we will show you how to make your self disappear from WhatsApp like a magician – or simulate an incognito mode as if the chat platform had such a point.

    Hide final noticed and on the net status

    If you are a busy bee who cannot generally reply on time, then hiding your final noticed will be the very best way to make individuals think that you are not basically airing them. Final noticed can be toggled off from Settings &gt Privacy &gt Final noticed and on the net. Right here, set final noticed to No one.

    The very same web page also lets you turn off your on the net status. Set it to Very same as final noticed to use WhatsApp like a ghost and not get hit up by unwarranted “why are you nonetheless awake?” messages as you converse late into the evening.

    Turn off study receipts

    When you have rid your self of botherations brought on by an exposed final noticed, the subsequent point you’d want to turn off is study receipts. Aside from letting you reply to messages on your personal pace with out feeling pressurised by other people, turning off study receipts brings other advantages – you can play tough to get with your crush by creating them wonder if you are interested or not.

    Study receipts can be turned off from Settings &gt Privacy, then throwing the Study receipts switch off.

    Limit status updates

    Even though the function to limit status updates to specific contacts or hide from specific contacts has existed for ages now, an update from February now lets you do the very same for person statuses.

    You can also set it to “My contacts except..” to sieve the judgmental ones out (Express photo)

    When uploading a status you should really see a new private audience selector at the bottom. Set it to “Only share with” and choose your closest contacts to make them really feel particular by letting them in on your secrets or jokes.

    Or you can go wider and limit all your statuses from Settings &gt Privacy &gt Status.

    Hide profile photo

    WhatsApp cares about your privacy and so it protectively defaults your profile image visibility to contacts only. You can go a step additional and set it to “Nobody” and leave individuals scratching their heads questioning if you even are on WhatsApp.

    This can be completed by means of Settings &gt Privacy &gt Profile photo &gt No one.

    Hide about

    Just after you have turned off all of the above, the only point left to lessen your WhatsApp footprint to close to zero is hiding your About. This can be completed by means of Settings &gt Privacy &gt About. Performing so will assistance if you are also lazy to update it all the time or if you are basically attempting to seem mysterious.

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