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Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda is a consultant and author courtesy of Stoyanov Ojeda

  • Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda began her consulting small business just after seeing a hole in Latina representation. 
  • In March 2022, she published a small business guidebook known as “Jefa in Instruction.”
  • She reveals why diversifying her offerings and writing a book helped establish her as an specialist.

Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda was developing her consulting profession when she realized there was a lack of Latina representation in small business. As the daughter of a Mexican lady, Stoyanov Ojeda wished she saw or heard far more individuals like herself on the cover of small business magazines or speaking on small business podcasts.

“There was this will need for a resource, a guide for Latina entrepreneurs,”  Stoyanov Ojeda told Insider. “If you appear at all of the large small business podcasts, books, and individuals that we appear up to, they are all white.”

Stoyanov Ojeda decided to turn into that guide. These days, she’s a complete-time consultant at her eponymous brand, Ashley K. Stoyanov LLC, and author of “Jefa in Instruction” — jefa indicates “female boss” in Spanish — a small business guidebook written in Spanglish. 

Prior to launching her most recent small business, Stoyanov Ojeda was currently a creator: Just after graduating from Hunter College in New York City, she moved to Portland, Oregon, to “uncover herself,” and there fused her like for music, inventive girls, and neighborhood-developing to launch a nonprofit.

What began as a month-to-month showcase at a regional venue turned into an international organization for women’s songwriters. The occasion series spanned 16 cities and comprised far more than ten,000 neighborhood members, Stoyanov Ojeda mentioned. 

That encounter helped foster expertise like small business improvement, pitching, and scaling, which she makes use of for her consulting customers now. Stoyanov Ojeda shared her encounter developing her small business and why diversifying her offerings and writing a book helped establish her as an specialist.

This is an as-told-to essay primarily based on an interview that has been slightly edited for length and clarity. 

Diversified solutions enable broaden my small business

Stoyanov Ojeda’s consulting small business has a number of branches courtesy of Stoyanov Ojeda

My consulting perform has gone by means of a variety of stages. I began with 90-minute, 1-on-1 sessions, which I nonetheless present. But as I grew my client base and established myself in the field, I started providing recurring month-to-month and weekly sessions, which are my most well known providing now.

I also expanded to speaking engagements, which has considering the fact that turn into my most profitable small business branch, amounting to about 15% of my annual income.

On top of that, final year, I launched retreats exactly where I bring customers to Mexico for small business approach sessions in the mornings and cultural activities in the afternoon. And I began generating content material for university courses, which brought in about ten% of my income final year. 

My highest-tier system is known as “element-time COO.” When a client purchases this service, I join their group for a couple of hours every month, for 3 to six months, to perform with the founder. We concentrate on a large target, whether or not that is a launch or pivot, and I will train group members and take element in group meetings. 

Writing a book opened far more doors for me as a consultant

Stoyanov Ojeda is author of a book known as “Jefa in Instruction” courtesy of Stoyanov Ojeda

In March 2022, I published “Jefa in Instruction,” which is a step-by-step guide to developing your small business that consists of case research and good results stories from Latina entrepreneurs. Simply because it is written in Spanglish, it is targeted toward a Latina demographic.

The concept for the book came from a time in 2019 when my nonprofit was seriously developing but I felt stuck mainly because the small business did not have a appropriate foundation: There was no economic program or approach. I wanted to enable other founders who could possibly be in that predicament now. 

As soon as I introduced getting an author to my portfolio, it made far more possibilities for me as a consultant. For instance, it brought far more speaking possibilities and made press buzz about my brand. 

What individuals have to recognize is that, just before you determine to turn into an author, you have to feel about what you want to get out of the book. You are in all probability not going to make millions of dollars from book sales, so you have to know how to use the book as a tool alternatively. That could imply obtaining far more customers, landing far more speaking engagements, or becoming a believed leader.

A book can be a excellent way to create that trust issue with your neighborhood. So I encourage other individuals to go for it, but know that that is how you have to use it.

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