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Taylor Swift made a big splash at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, appearing onscreen for 53 seconds during the game. That airtime was worth about $12.4 million based on the cost to run a 30-second commercial, which was $7 million in this year’s Super Bowl. Despite attending the game for free, Swift’s appearance was a bargain for the NFL and CBS.

Companies and brands have shelled out big bucks in the past to partner with celebrities for added star power. For example, Beyoncé reportedly earned $30 million to appear in Verizon’s 60-second Super Bowl commercial in 2022. Other notable cameos included Larry David’s $10 million ad for FTX in 2022 and Ben Affleck’s $10 million ad for Dunkin’ in 2023; sources told CNN. With record-breaking viewership predicted ahead of the game, it is likely that at least some of that can be attributed directly to Swift’s popularity. In a Seton Hall Sports Poll conducted last month and published three days before the Super Bowl, 21% of respondents indicated somebody in their household planned to watch the game because Swift was expected to be there. For respondents between 18 and 34, the number was even higher at 41%.

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