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Celebrity chef Robert Irvine is not just known for his culinary skills, but also for his fitness enthusiasm. One of his go-to recipes for a post-workout meal is a peanut butter banana shake that contains 44 grams of protein and a balance of healthy fats and carbs for energy.

When traveling, Irvine always brings along personal food prep tools to ensure he stays on track with his diet. Whether he’s filming a show or participating in a charity event, he eats every two and a half hours to keep his muscles and metabolism strong. To fuel his workouts while on the road, Irvine packs protein powder and a blender to whip up high-protein shakes like the one he loves making with banana, peanut butter, slivered almonds, low-fat milk, and protein powder.

According to Irvine, this shake provides the perfect balance of carbs for energy, protein for building muscle, and fats to help you feel full, making it an ideal post-workout meal for a busy schedule. With 345 days of travel each year, Irvine relies on these tools to maintain his fitness goals and keep him feeling energized throughout the day.

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