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In Houston, Texas, USA, a woman carrying a rifle entered Lakewood Church and opened fire on the congregation at around 1:45pm local time. The attack left a 57-year-old man injured and a young boy, approximately 5 years old, critically wounded.

Joel Osteen, co-founder of Lakewood Church, shared that the incident happened during a break between services just as the Spanish service was about to begin. According to Osteen, this is an incredibly sad and tragic event that will be felt deeply by the entire church community.

The woman responsible for the attack was reportedly wearing a coat and backpack at the time of the shooting. However, no explosives were found in her possession. While it is unclear what her motive was for carrying out this horrific act of violence, it is clear that she posed a serious threat to those present in the church.

The website link provided appears to contain irrelevant information and may have been mistakenly linked to this news article. It is important to focus on providing accurate and reliable information about this incident as it unfolds.

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