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The dramatic incident occurred at a hospital in the Hamburg district of Heimfeld on Monday. According to reports, a 18-year-old Bulgarian woman approached the mother and her child for a pediatric examination in the doctor’s office. The woman pretended to be a doctor and convinced the mother that she had dropped something at the information desk and would take care of the baby.

However, just a few moments later, the mother realized that there was no baby. It is unclear whether the woman and the child’s mother know each other, and two groups of large families gathered outside the hospital, reportedly totaling around 40 people. The situation escalated quickly as people began accusing each other of kidnapping.

Just two hours after the incident, the woman returned with the baby and handed it over to hospital staff. She was taken into custody and is currently being investigated on suspicion of kidnapping. Additionally, it has been reported that she recently experienced a miscarriage. This has added to the confusion surrounding her actions and motives.

The entire situation has caused chaos at the hospital, with many people still questioning what happened and why. It remains to be seen what will happen next in this developing story.

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