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The Asian stock markets are closed on Tuesday for the Chinese New Year, while Japan’s Nikkei is up around 3% at this hour, trading at a new record high of 38,000. In contrast, the Kospi index in South Korea has risen by 0.8%. Meanwhile, US futures are trading slightly lower this morning.

Last night on Wall Street, the main indices closed in a mixed trend. The Nasdaq fell 0.3%, the S&P500 lost 0.1%, and the Dow Jones added 0.3%, breaking an all-time high. Stock nature jumped by 7.5% after Piper Sandler upgraded their recommendation on the stock to ‘overweight’ from ‘neutral’.

The share of Israeli company Beamr surged during trading on Monday by about 1500% after it reported a collaboration with chip giant Nvidia. The company from Tel Aviv was issued a year ago when it raised $7.8 million dollars at a value of about $48 million dollars. At the end of trading (Monday), the increases in the stock moderated and it closed with a jump of around 400%. The company’s market value was $129 million at the close on Wall Street.

In the US government debt market, the 10-year bond yield fell slightly last night and traded around 4.16%. The two-year bond yield was 4.47%. Today, unemployment data in Great Britain and consumer price index data in Switzerland are expected to be published at different times, while inflation data in America is expected to be published at 15:30 Israel time or evening local time depending on where you are reading this article from or live in if you’re reading this now because we publish articles worldwide every day!

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