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The German Bundestag and the government of Germany have reaffirmed their unwavering support for Israel on October 12. They pledged to stand by Israel as long as necessary, and called for the immediate release of all abductees. Barbel Bass, the president of the German Bundestag, emphasized Germany’s commitment to Israel in this matter.

Meanwhile, at the end of October, the United Nations voted in favor of a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, with 120 countries supporting the decision. Despite this, Germany abstained from voting, neither condemning nor supporting the actions of Hamas. Israel’s ambassador to Germany expressed disappointment over this decision and urged Germany to take a more active role in monitoring funds to ensure they do not go towards terrorist organizations.

In addition to political support, major football clubs in Germany such as Bayern Munich and Dortmund hosted families of abductees and expressed their support for Israel. The newspaper “Bild” projected pictures of the abductees on its main building, while the German media received praise for its fair coverage compared to other international media.

The support for Israel extended beyond politics and media into various sectors in Germany.

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