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Germany Foreign Minister Scholz has expressed concern over comments made by Donald Trump, who is running for president again, indicating that the US might not defend NATO allies who do not meet a certain spending threshold for defense against a possible Russian attack. This comes after Tusk met with Scholz in Berlin to emphasize the importance of European and US collaboration for security.

Tensions between Germany and Poland have been on the rise in recent years due to diplomatic fallout from the Law and Justice party’s anti-German stance. This culminated when Warsaw reopened the issue of war reparations from Germany. Scholz has reiterated that Germany accepts full responsibility for the atrocities committed during World War II, rejecting Poland’s calls for compensation.

Despite these tensions, Scholz has stressed the crucial cooperation and solidarity between Germany and Poland, especially in the face of threats from Russian imperialism. Meanwhile, Tusk has emphasized the necessity of European and US collaboration for security, recognizing the importance of coordinating defense efforts and expressing confidence in the economic and technological strength of the EU to fortify against potential aggressors.

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