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Kate Upton and Hunter McGrady surprised Gayle King during an interview on her show, revealing that she would be featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. King, who is 69 years old, was shocked and expressed her surprise as she had been told she would only be on the inside of the magazine. However, McGrady reassured King that “sexy isn’t an age” and complimented her beauty, inspiring women of all ages to embrace their bodies.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, King shared that her friend Oprah Winfrey had been supportive of her decision to pose for the magazine. Winfrey encouraged King to embrace the opportunity and feel empowered. The experience was stepping out of her comfort zone for King, but she admitted that she looked great on the cover.

The 60th anniversary edition of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition features several cover models, including King, Upton, McGrady, and Chrissy Teigen. King’s presence on the cover is a celebration of women of all ages and sizes, showcasing beauty, confidence, and empowerment. The magazine will hit newsstands on May 17th.

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