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In March, the widow of war criminal Željko Ražnatović Arkan, Ceca, is scheduled to have a concert in Maribor. The news has sparked controversy among Croatian citizens, with numerous posters being pasted around Zagreb promoting the event. However, three young people were caught on camera destroying the posters in Lanište and Dubrava, causing even more outrage.

Ceca herself responded to the criticism, stating that she believes music transcends politics and borders. She went on to say that she is adored by Croats and that she is unshaken by extreme minority attacks. Despite facing legal issues and accusations involving crimes of genocide against Bosniaks, crimes against humanity, and grave violations of the Geneva Convention, Ceca remains a popular figure in Serbia and beyond.

In a recent interview, Ceca shared details of her married life with Arkan and the series of attempts made to assassinate him. She also discussed her plans to avoid Croatia and how she handles negative publicity. Through it all, Ceca has remained resilient and focused on her music career.

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