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In September, Tyler Chase’s family received devastating news that he had died from a drug overdose. However, three months later, they learned that the body was not their loved one’s, but rather that of someone else who had been mistakenly identified as Chase.

Chase had been staying at a rehab center and was sober for several months when he tried to use his food stamps at a department store. He soon realized that his credit card was no longer active, which led him to suspect something was wrong. Desperate for employment, he went to authorities to resolve the issue.

To his shock, he was informed that a death certificate had been filed in his name. Chase immediately contacted the Portland Police, who went to the rehab center where he was staying to investigate the situation. It was ultimately discovered that a man living at the rehab center died from an overdose and was mistakenly identified as Chase. His family was notified of his death and the body was cremated without being properly identified.

Chase’s cousin, Tasha Rosales, initially believed that the news of her cousin being alive was a hoax. The entire ordeal led her to raise over a thousand dollars for his cremation. Chase eventually found work in Portland helping the homeless and reflected on how easily he could have met the same fate as the man who had been mistakenly identified as him. The Multnomah County spokesperson expressed deep regret for the misidentification and new procedures were put in place to prevent such errors from happening again.

The story of Tyler Chase serves as a stark reminder of how easily mistakes can happen in our lives and how important it is to double-check information before making any decisions based on it. It also highlights the need for proper identification procedures in medical and legal settings to avoid unnecessary tragedies like this one from happening again.

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