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Aggressive election campaign tactics have led to a neck-and-neck race between presidential candidates Sergio Massa and Javier Milei. Before the runoff election, Massa and his son were threatened by five individuals, resulting in the arrest of three men and a woman. Meanwhile, a teenager in Salta was arrested for threatening to kill Massa’s 17-year-old son on Instagram.

The election campaign has been marked by intense polarization, with Milei describing himself as an anarcho-capitalist and advocating for populist slogans. His opponents accused him of standing for a “dictatorship,” which led to disruptions at an opera performance where he was booed by part of the audience. The situation escalated when the boos were accompanied by slogans accusing Milei of being a threat to democracy.

As a result, legal investigations have been launched into the threats against Massa and his family, leading to personal protection orders being issued. In addition to this, there are numerous links to criminal attorney directories scattered throughout the content. Despite these challenges, Massa remains determined to win the presidency and bring about positive change in Argentina.

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