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Eric Bieniemy, the former offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs, is currently seeking new opportunities. A source close to the situation indicates that he could potentially return to the Chiefs for the 2024 season. If this were to happen, his new title would likely be “assistant head coach,” with Matt Nagy remaining as the offensive coordinator. The team could greatly benefit from his experience and success with players during his previous tenure with the Chiefs.

During the season, quarterback Patrick Mahomes credited Bieniemy with setting the standard for accountability when the team was struggling. Before the AFC Championship game, Bieniemy met with Mahomes and other players, prompting them to express excitement about his return. When concerns were raised about him coaching too hard on other teams’ players, Mahomes defended him before the season began.

It’s worth noting that Bieniemy did not meet with the Chiefs before Super Bowl LVIII, as he was seriously considered for an offensive coordinator position with the Seattle Seahawks. However, that role went to Ryan Grubb instead. Despite this setback, there is still a possibility that Bieniemy could return to the Chiefs as a head coach if Andy Reid decides to retire after their upcoming game. Players like Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce have expressed support for him taking on this role if it becomes available.

Overall, Bieniemy’s potential return to the Chiefs could bring many benefits and help them continue their success in future seasons.

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