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The Finnish Confederation of Automotive and Transport Workers (AKT) announced on Monday that they will be halting operations at the country’s ports as part of a political strike. This is a response to the government’s work-life policy, which has been heavily opposed by trade unions. Despite opposition, the Finnish government is being urged by EK to implement necessary working life reforms, even if they are painful.

The strikes have already had a significant impact on the Finnish economy, with losses estimated to be around one billion euros. This assessment was made by Ilkka Oksala, head of the Työelämä responsibility area of the Finnish Confederation of Finnish Business (EK). The political strike organized by AKT will involve bus drivers, maintenance garage staff, and stevedores, affecting approximately 10,000 employees.

EK’s Oksala expressed disappointment at the announcement of the strike and stated that labor strikes are starting to have a significant impact on the Finnish economy. The strikes are in opposition to the government’s work-life policy, which they believe weakens the position of employees. These strikes have gained support from parliament despite EK’s disagreement.

Even though EK did not align with the government’s labor market policy, they did not heavily protest against it. According to EK’s Oksala, economic challenges faced by Finland are too deep for difficult decisions to be avoided.

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