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Alexander Stubb, a political scientist and sportsman, has been elected as the President of Finland. He won the run-off against Pekka Haavisto with 51.7% of the vote. Stubb has had a successful career in politics, serving as prime minister and leader of the National Conservative Party. In recent years, he directed the European University Institute in Florence.

Stubb is known for his interest in international relations and believes that one of the most important tasks of his presidency will be to work on an international system based on rules. He strongly believes in the importance of his country producing, not just consuming, security.

Upon announcing his candidacy, Stubb stated, “When the homeland calls you, you go there.” The party he had always supported encouraged him to return to Finnish politics after they came to power with Prime Minister Petteri Orpo. Stubb is passionate about his country and its role in the international community and is eager to make an impact as president.

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