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The FBI is pleased to present the tentative schedule for the ITSSS-two BPA. In addition, the FBI is finalizing all other acquisition specifics. If you have any data or ideas on the evaluation method you would like the Government to take into account, please submit these concepts to Thank you for getting interested in ITSSS-two and partnering with the FBI.

Existing Tentative Schedule:

Milestone  Tentative Completion Date Draft Solicitation (RFQ) Released five/15/2023

Business Occasion *six/7/2023

Release Final RFQ six/21/2023

Vendor Concerns Due six/28/2023

Vendor Responses Due 7/7/2023

Quotes Due 7/24/2023

Evaluation Commence 7/25/2023

Evaluation Comprehensive 11/1/2023

Contract Award 12/11/2023

*This is a tentative date. The FBI is nevertheless figuring out place of occasion and/or the possibility of a virtual occasion.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Data Technologies (IT) Solutions and Supplies two (ITSSS-two) Blanket Obtain Agreement (BPA) is an IT solutions car that will present IT solutions to the FBI and will also be obtainable to the broader Division of Justice for use. The BPA gives a streamlined strategy to acquiring IT solutions from a certified pool of vendors. Due to the important want for a streamlined master car and the FBI’s contracting specialist staffing challenges at the time, in December 2021, the FBI partnered with the Common Solutions Administration (GSA) to make, solicit, and award the ITSSS-two BPA.

When the partnership with GSA started, the FBI’s procurement group was staffed at 71 %. Given that that time, nevertheless, FBI procurement staffing has elevated to 95 %. In addition, the FBI has onboarded seasoned and senior procurement pros to lead the improvement and execution of complicated contract autos.  With the drastically elevated FBI procurement staffing posture and committed contracting authorities, the FBI is pleased to announce that it is now in a spot to execute the award phase of the ITSSS-two BPA. The FBI is grateful to the GSA for their help more than the final 14 months.

The FBI will be delivering month-to-month status checks by means of SAM.GOV and, and has made a designated e mail address for the ITSSS-two BPA. Please send all emails to The FBI will also present a higher-level schedule when completed for the BPA. The FBI is aiming for a calendar year 2023 award with a final RFQ release of mid-summer season with a probable Business engagement occasion in late Spring 2023.

The FBI is excited about this chance to execute the ITSSS-two BPA and to companion with Business leaders in the IT arena as properly as newer providers, each massive and smaller. The principal point of speak to for this requirement is Contract Specialist Tammy J. Clark. Her e mail address is At this time, to treat all vendors relatively, there will be no person meetings scheduled to go over this ITSSS-two BPA. If you have any ideas, comments, or concepts, please submit them to the ITSSS-two BPA e mail address.

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