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Three injured in Jonsdorf after hiker buried by collapsing tree Russian authorities arrest US citizen Yuri Malev for promoting Nazism Papuashvili, Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, arrives in Baku Snow causes cancellation of Mikaela Shiffrin’s World Cup super-G race Netanyahu gives Hamas an ultimatum: Surrender or face consequences

The image portrays two distinct thought patterns on a black background. One head has a series of chaotic loops drawn with white lines, while the other has a line that moves in concentric circles, symbolizing a peaceful and focused way of thinking. This topic was featured on the Harvard Health portal.

People struggling with racing thoughts often experience anxiety, which can make it difficult to stay focused and feel trapped. They may worry about what they need to accomplish, what they have already failed to do, and what they need to do next. To overcome these thoughts, it is important to recognize that they are simply noise in the mind and can be changed through awareness-based techniques. Engaging in physical activity, distraction techniques, and scheduling time for worrying are also helpful strategies for managing busy thoughts.

If busy thoughts are interfering with an individual’s life or sleep pattern, it is important to seek professional help from a family doctor or mental health professional as these thoughts may be linked to anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD, trauma or other mental health issues.

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