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During a recent meeting in Barcelona, FIH President Tayyab Ikram had the opportunity to meet with two of his predecessors, Juan Ángel Calzado and Leandro Negre. Also present at the gathering were EuroHockey President Marcos Hofmann, Spanish Hockey Federation President Santi Deo, and Real Club de Polo President Curro Espinós de Pascual. This marked a special occasion as it brought together three past FIH Presidents in one place at one time.

During the meeting, President Ikram expressed his gratitude and respect for Juan Ángel Calzado, who had served as FIH’s leader from 1996 to 2001. Calzado was a mentor to Ikram, and their interaction was particularly meaningful as they exchanged an FIH memento. The meeting took place at the site of the first FIH Hockey World Cup (Men’s) in 1971, which added historical significance to the gathering.

In addition to their meaningful exchange, President Ikram also had important discussions with EuroHockey President Marcos Hofmann. They discussed the development of hockey and how FIH and EuroHockey can work together to support the growth of the sport. President Ikram expressed his gratitude for the hospitality he received during his time in Barcelona and looked forward to more collaborations and interactions in the future.

The meeting was a significant milestone as it brought together three past FIFA World Cup champions from different eras – Juan Ángel Calzado (1996-2001), Leandro Negre (2003-2007), and Tayyab Ikram (2013-present). It provided an opportunity for them to share their experiences and insights on how they led their respective teams to victory.

The meeting was held at a beautiful location in Barcelona that hosted many international sports events over the years. It was an honor for all participants to be part of this historic gathering that celebrated hockey’s rich heritage while looking forward to its future.

As a journalist covering this event, it was fascinating to witness how these leaders shared their knowledge and passion for hockey while highlighting its importance as a global sport. It is clear that they continue to work tirelessly towards promoting hockey’s growth while paying homage to its storied history.

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